Lunch & Learn

Unlocking the True Value of Women Negotiators

The Harvard Program on Negotiations told us that women are better negotiators than men – just not for themselves. And that is the catch. We can’t make women better negotiators for themselves by focussing on women only. We have to transform the environments, organizations, and systems we negotiate in.

Join our panel of thought leaders for an inspiring Lunch & Learn. Together we will engage in a dialogue about the main obstructions that prevent women from getting their fair share in any negotiation and what is the value case to make sure that anyone, men and women, can negotiate their worth.

Our panel:
Pascalle Grotenhuis: Director Social Development & Ambassador for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.
Anouk Heilen: Global Sustainability, Social Equity and Inclusion Director at Unilever.
Maarten van Rossum: Strategic Advisor at the Cambridge Negotiation Institute

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