Strategic negotiations

Approaching your next round of negotiations with confidence and ease

Our two-day training on strategic negotiations guarantees you having a confident and relaxed approach to your upcoming negotiations. Through solid preparation, theoretical know-how/knowledge and fresh insights into the world of negotiations, you will discover that there is room for far more qualities in the negotiation arena than first meets the eye.

Within this module we pay special attention to the psychological aspect of negotiating. Apart from controlling emotions and dealing with power imbalances, the participant will recognise and utilise these issues when they arise within the opposing party. Through theoretical knowledge combined with plenty of simulations and interaction, the participant is shaped into the most effective negotiator they can be.

21 en 22 juni 2023 2 days
  • Negotiation
  • Power imbalances
  • Psychological aspect of negotiating
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  • Day 1: The essence of negotiating

    • Framework and principals of effective negotiations
    • 7-phase model to negotiating.
    • Preparation and strategy: Methodical negotiating.
    • How to think in terms of interest, rather than in terms of positions.
    • Self-assessment negotiation styles (Thomas-Kilmann Model).
    • Simulatios, feedback en reflection.
  • Day 2: A deep dive in behaviour and psychology surrounding negotiations.

    • Influence at the negotiationtable: How to negotiate when not the most powerful party at the table.
    • Effectively handling emotion during negotiations.
    • Building trust and levelling the playing field
    • Into practice: Simulations based on your own casework.
    • Wrap up & key-learnings, evaluation on personal gains and goals


By offering a theoretical framework, we help negotiators prepare and execute their negotiations through seven phases. By offering a lot of opportunities to practice and experience, we create practical learning moments that help negotiators reflect on effective (or perhaps not so effective) interventions during negotiations.

To us, negotiations is a craft, that you only get better at by doing it. What a negotiator bringt to the table in terms of negotiation style, experience and behavior hugely impacts the process and outcome of a negotiated agreement. Some negotiators might perceive a negotiation as a match they have to win, where others might feel uncomfortable about the idea of having to negotiate in general. Our approach aims to make participants aware of their own comfort zones and offers them the insights and skills to recognize the different types of negotiations and how to effectively conduct them. This way, we take consideration for the individual learning objectives participants might have and offer a tailored experience.

Oh yes, and one last thing: we do not believe in ‘dirty tricks’, they are not part of the training. We do however help participants recognize dirty tricks during negotiations and show how to effectively deal with them.


After following our training the participant will be fully capable to strategically approach negotiations. Also, the participant will have the correct tools in hand to build trust, to create scenario’s that facilitate mutual gain and to effectively listen and communicate at the negotiation table.

Negotiating often tends to turn into an arm-wrestling match, where the most competitive party walks away with the biggest piece of the proverbial pie. Our training will teach you how to increase the size of your piece of said pie, by guiding you through a healthy dose of interactive learning, lots of simulations and much practice. Furthermore, you will learn how to adjust your own negotiation style when necessary and how to effectively utilise your personal qualities. During the training there will be plenty of room for discussion, interaction and the exchange of best practices between the facilitator and the participants.


Investment: € 2137,-

Location: The Hague

Language: Dutch*

*If you’d like to enrol your team and are seeking a training provided in English, please contact us through the form below.

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