Strategies for success in negotiations

Everybody negotiates everyday, here is how to do it

The 21st century has challenged negotiators to adapt to fast changing environments, including doing a lot more business and negotiations online. These virtual negotiations bring with them all kinds of new challenges and issues. If handled well, a virtual negotiator can save a lot of energy, time and resources. Handled poorly, and you can end up with no deal at all.

In this course we help you tackle the most common challenges of virtual negotiations and help you level up your online negotiation skills

Results after this course:

  • Know how to negotiate effectively;
  • Know yourself as a negotiator and how you can make use of your own strengths at the negotiation table;
  • Understand how to strategically prepare for negotiations
  • Understand power dynamics and how to effectively operate when you are not the biggest party at the table.
“Effective negotiation requires a persistent focus on what is most important” - William Ury


  • Strategic Negotiations


  • Communication


  • Leadership


Meet your teacher

  • Managing Director at &FLUENCE 
  • Expert for stakeholder engagement, negotiation and influence
  • Publicist and analyst Dutch Media (e.g., KRO/NCRV, NRC, Elsevier and WNL)
  • Former Fellow at The Netherlands Institute for International Relations (Clingendael)
  • Conducted ~50 workshops annually for public and private sector all over the world

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