Unlocking the True Value of Women Negotiators

Negotiations continue to be at the heart of many gender equity issues, affecting issues like salary and unpaid labor across the organizational and personal spectrum. Women often achieve lower negotiations results by against generally held gender biases or outdated mindsets. This contributes to wider societal issues like the gender pay gap and low female representation in higher management.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: Together we can change the systems and organizations in which we negotiate. Societal change is a group effort where all of us, regardless of gender, have a role to play. Therefore, this training is beneficial for everyone as everyone benefits from more equitable and diverse organizations.

Research has shown that the gender pay gap can be significantly minimized when employees receive negotiation training and especially when this training covers common gender biases. Undertake this simple and actionable step with us by yourself or with your organization to lead the path to social change!


Course outline:

  • Understanding the Harvard method negotiations of collaboration that centers interests over positions
  • Gaining skills in negotiation theory and learning how to create value for all parties at the negotiation table
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and how to overcome them  
  • Sharing cases from our own negotiation experience


Results after this course:

  • Understanding the concrete steps to equalize negotiations for yourself and ignite change in the organizations and systems you negotiate in
  • Insights to get better results in all negotiations using essential negotiation theories and concepts (e.g.Harvard method)
  • Practical comprehension on how to become a better advocate for yourself & finding your own negotiation style outside of gender expectations
  • Support on how to manage and disarm your own and other’s gender-biased stereotypes at the negotiation table
  • How to onboard stakeholders across all systems and organizations as well as the whole gender spectrum
Women are better negotiators than men, just not for themselves.


  • Effective Listening


  • Relationship Building


  • Effective Listening


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