We believe that true dialogue between stakeholders can help solve the many major challenges that our society faces today. Instead of merely managing their stakeholders, we want to help our clients to start solving problems together.

Gaining influence means understanding your audience and what makes them tick. Our approach is focused on  listening and mutual learning. Our work will help you connect to society and spread your message.

How can we help you tell your story?


Strategic guidance

  • Strategic advice

We work to cultivate both the sensibility and the capacity to harness differences, engage challenging conversations, promote creativity, and foster mutual gain. We foster a relation with our clients that encompasses unique perspectives whilst driving the profit and competitiveness of the organisation. With our vast experience in guiding C-level executives and our own methodology, we help shape your narrative and positioning for your strategic external and internal engagements.


  • Issues management

Issues management is an instrument for joint decision making on dealing with issues. Our format will help you map the issues that your organization is facing, prioritize the ones with the greatest impact on your operations and prepare your response. Every issue is also an opportunity to show your stakeholders what your values are.



Facilitate engagement

Effective engagements go beyond content and derive from the process itself, in which stakeholders have created value and improved their relationship together. It means that people will not only say yes, but carry their actions home and truly become advocates for change in their own constituencies. To us that is really getting change done. We call that influence. Our team of experts will help you design, develop and facilitate engagements to that end.

We believe that the process towards sustainable change and value creation starts with a continuous dialogue where all stakeholders are able to listen and are being heard. As facilitators, we are not afraid to dive deeper and get the real issues on the table. By ‘holding space’ we create the safety that is required to discuss even the most precarious issues in an open and effective way. We bring the flexibility to develop and work with different formats: from broad exploratory sessions to validation workshop and result oriented decision making. Finally, our facilitators are bold and eager to challenge the groups we work with to ensure that engagements are more than just ‘chats’.


  • Workshop dialogue

Looking for some ideas to set up your own dialogues? In our workshop dialogue we go through the three stages of dialogue development to help you understand both the different types of dialogues, the knoppen waar je aan kan draaien and what fits best to your needs. Our practical approach helps you with concrete tips and tricks to craft effective dialogues yourself.

Strategic Dialogue Support

Let’s say you are asked to facilitate a dialogue based on your expertise and network. But you are not (yet) an expert on facilitation workshop design and execution. What format to use? What exercises, breakouts or other activities best help support working towards the objectives of the meeting? How to deal with participants that are oversharing, or in fact struggling to participate. We support our clients in delivering excellent dialogues and facilitation sessions from preparation to follow-up after the meeting. We work together with you to translate abstract outcomes into a concrete deliverables and a working program for the session. As always, from our belief that dialogues should foster the relationship between stakeholders and create ownership beyond words on a piece of paper. We call that influence.


  • Interim management

At &FLUENCE we combine many years of experience in developing public affairs campaigns and organizations. We have worked with all sorts of organizations: from business to government and from start-ups to multinationals. Based on this expertise we are able to help you develop the public affairs function that your organization requires. Is your organization in need of temporary support to develop your corporate or public affairs organization we can help you bridge the gap or help your existing team reach the next level.


How can we help you?

We come in when the going gets tough. Varying from advice during difficult negotiations, setting up strategic dialogues or leveling up your public affairs, we take you further.

In need of advice or curious about the possibilities?

Contact us via info@nfluence.nl or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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