Daphne Feller

Daphne is a Senior Adviser at &FLUENCE, specialized in:

  • Neuroscientific guidance in strategic complex negotiations with a focus on optimal decision making processes
  • Facilitating constructive dialogues amongst different stakeholders to accelerate optimal collaboration and communication
  • Guiding professionals with regard to well-being, leadership and communication skills


She has helped thousands of professionals from all career paths as well as organizations to make better decisions by translating research from brain science into strategy and execution to improve collaboration, communication and performance. Daphne is passionate about encouraging a more open and trust-based approach to negotiation, stakeholder relations and collaborations amongst leaders.

Next to &FLUENCE, Daphne is owner of BrainExplainers. She often speaks at conferences and events on the topic of neuroscience in relation to well-being and leadership for clients around the globe and has both published her book “BREIN HART ZIJN” as well co-founded a second company ELEVATE in 2021.

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