Robbert Smet

Robbert Smet is the head of stakeholder dialogue at &FLUENCE. It is Robbert’s ambition to improve policy by increasing mutual understanding of the complexities of different decision making environments. Through dialogue and willingness to look beyond the classic compromises, we can solve the great challenges that our society faces today. He will challenge you to stop merely managing your stakeholders, and to start solving problems together.

Robbert specializes in:

  • Creating shared value through (design and) facilitation of interactions between organisations, policy makers and other stakeholders;
  • Guiding leadership teams on managing strategic issues with high reputational impact;
  • Having effective conversations in crisis situations;
  • And building strategic corporate and public affairs functions

At &FLUENCE Robbert supports organizations to understand and engage with their stakeholders on complex issues with high societal impact.

Before joining &FLUENCE, Robbert served as the director for corporate and public affairs at Pfizer and before that at Philips.  Robbert has gained experience at the legislative and the executive branches of the central government. He holds a double master’s degree in economics and political science.

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